Frequently Asked Questions

What is ElectronVibe?

An open-innovation program for electric utilities, via which a cohort of mature power-sector startups co-develop business-cases for scalable technological innovations, with the aim of implementing pilot-projects as a precursor to larger deployment.

What does ElectronVibe program do for me?

NETWORK: An opportunity to network with a wide range of late stage startups and mentors, and access to a range of professionals in the power and energy sectors.

TRAINING: Via structured training (delivered via online workshops & webinars), followed by facilitated mentoring, we expect you to be able to refine value propositions, evaluate techno-economic feasibility, and potentially explore early-pilot projects with utilitys.

BUILD: Teams will have the opportunity to test their ideas by building a business case with the help of power-sector & electricity distribution experts.

COMMUNITY: This program will help you access a community to support your idea, including the program partners, mentors, RAP and New Energy Nexus.

PARTNERS: We are here to kickstart the dialogue with our partners who are deeply engaged in supporting grid innovation. They are keen to hear about your idea and are enthusiastic about working with you.

SOCIAL PROOF: To be selected as one of the winners means you have been selected from an extremely competitive and diverse range of applicants. This is highly positive when speaking to the ultimate customers (utilitys) as well as external investors and partners.

We are not yet a company, but a passionate team. Can we apply?

No. For the ElectronVibe program, we will select only mature power sector startups.

I am an individual. Can I apply?

No. For the ElectronVibe program, we will select only mature power sector startups.

How is IP that was developed prior to or during the program treated by the ElectronVibe program and other program partners?

Any IP that is developed prior to or during the program remains the sole property of the applicant team (or team members, as the case may be). If you feel any information is sensitive or confidential, we recommend NOT sharing the same during the application process.

We seek no rights over IP, nor represent to facilitate any assistance in any IP-related matters when dealing with a utility for any engagements or opportunities.

How will my confidential information be protected?

We will treat all application data as confidential information; however, we will share such data with our jury members and program partners for obvious reasons of evaluation and assessment. For any questions on data sharing please look at the policy of New Energy Nexus and PR Clean Energy Private Limited, an affiliate of Climate Collective Foundation.

In your application, please do not disclose any information that you consider proprietary.

Is the ElectronVibe community committed to diversity?

We invite a diversity of talents as diversity is the core of new solutions, thinking, experiences and approaches. We encourage applications from diverse regions & backgrounds, including women, people with disabilities, LGBTQ and underrepresented communities.

What happens if I apply and don’t get selected?

ElectronVibe is created to keep the energy running and there would be many more programs in the future. We encourage you to join the New Energy Network, our open Slack community to gain access to a global network of energy entrepreneurs in clean energy transformation and innovation.

I’m an organization interested in partnering with ElectronVibe. Is there someone I can speak with?

ElectronVibe is always interested in exploring collaboration opportunities with other organisation and growing the fast-changing innovation ecosystem across Global South. If you are interested in being involved in the program, or wish to partner for new programs outside India, please write to us at:

If I am selected for the program, do I need to attend all online sessions?

Yes, all sessions are mandatory and go toward the final evaluation.
Attending sessions and interacting with the stakeholders present is the only way for you to leverage the knowledge and networks that the program partners and experts bring in.

Does ElectronVibe India provide any commitment or promise of a pilot project, or related funding for the same?

ElectronVibe India does not guarantee an offer of a pilot project or any related funding

How do I apply for ElectronVibe India?

The application window for ElectronVibe India 2024 is not open. Stay tuned for updates on ElectronVibe 2024.

What is the timeline for the ElectronVibe India program?

The timeline for latest ElectronVibe India program will be updated under the program page, which will be unveiled shortly. Stay tuned!

Does ElectronVibe India provide any funding or expenses-related reimbursements?

Unfortunately not. However, the program is entirely virtual/remote (unless a face-to-face meeting is requested by a participating utility) expenses may be negligible..

When does ElectronVibe India program start?

We will annouce the latest ElectronVibe India program shortly. Stay tuned!.

What are the selection criteria for ElectronVibe India program that the applications will be assessed on?

The selection criteria will be updated upon launch of the latest edition of ElectronVibe India program and can be accessed from the program page. Stay tuned!

What happens at the end of the business case development process for the ElectronVibe India program participants?

You will develop a business case around your idea with the help of a mentor who is assigned to your startup. We will ask you to submit your business case for evaluation by the jury members, based on which the final winner(s) will be announced. These jury members and mentors comprise of utility officers and other key power sector stakeholders.

What happens after the end of the ElectronVibe India program for the participants?

During the course of the program, you will interact will a host of power sector & utility professionals. This will give you an opportunity to discuss and plan any post-program pilot plan – however, the program itself does not have a life after the winners are announced, and therefore all post-program discussions are at your discretion.

Participants that attend the program will become part of the ElectronVibe alumni, through which you will have access to an ecosystem of startups, founders and mentors.

Do I need to be based in India to be eligible to be shortlisted for the ElectronVibe India program?

Startups can either be based in India, or be incorporated in an overseas jurisdiction but have the capacity to set up operations in India.