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Power the Future of Electric Utilities

Are you ready to be a part of the change for the next generation of Indian electricity distribution companies?

We are here to accelerate and scale up your idea to change the future of electricity distribution in India. We are looking for fresh thinking and new perspectives to develop new business cases to help electricity distribution companies (Discoms) identify new sources of revenue or enhance existing revenue streams.

For the very first time in India, New Energy Nexus invites startups and teams of professionals to be part of a structured, intensive 8-weeks training program that will strengthen your chances of working and finding solutions to energy challenges with a Discom!

We are supported by our knowledge partner, the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), who brings nearly 3 decades of experience crafting innovative regulatory solutions in the power sector.

The ElectronVibe Business Plan Challenge 2020

Two track program

Our program consists of a two-track program spread over a 10-week period.

Solutions Thinking Track

This is targeted at power-sector startups and professionals.

10 India-based startups or teams will be selected to

  • attend the full 8-weeks (online) ElectronVibe Training program
  • work 1-on-1 with mentors from the power sector
  • develop a business plan to integrate with Discom operations

Blue Sky Thinking Track

This is targeted at students and professionals.

20 teams or individual participants will be selected 

  • attend the first 4 weeks of the (online) ElectronVibe Training program
  • interact with professionals from power sector
  • opt to revise their blue-sky idea and re-submit for evaluation

The Problem Statement

Electricity Distribution companies are facing a lot of competition from distributed renewable energy generation sources, like solar and wind. Large commercial & industrial (C&I) clients are increasingly opting to switch to such sources via on-site/captive plants, or supply from off-site plants (via Open Access). If these C&I customers make this switch, Discoms stand to lose a big chunk of their revenue.

What we are essentially looking for:

Development of alternative business model(s) for Indian distribution companies with an aim to create additional revenue streams as well as reduce power procurement costs to compensate for the loss in cross-subsidy from commercial and industrial consumers.

The Solution Set

Submissions may include those to invest in the customer-side of the meter – across efficiency, solar rooftop photovoltaic, demand response, battery energy storage and thermal energy storage. Participants would be encouraged to consider public-private and public-private-civil society partnerships to ensure end-use efficiency in electricity consumption and higher level of renewable energy penetration.

In summary

A meaningful solution or a business idea that is innovative, viable and scalable when introduced into the Discoms’ business. A team that introduces a business model based on current economic and commercial considerations.

What are we looking for?

Solutions Track

We are looking for a viable business case that can be further developed by the team along with the Discom.

If a viable model emerges, the program partners may assist the winning team to engage with an interested Discom for a potential Pilot project over the next 6 to 12-month period.

Non-exhaustive list of examples of business-plan solutions that we are looking for

  • New revenue streams for Discoms that complement addition of RE on-grid (e.g. business case for – co-investing in asset-leasing models for rooftop solar, etc)
  • Solutions that help improve billing and recovery rates (e.g. business cases for – implementing Smart metering; automated billing systems, etc.)
  • Solutions that improve grid resilience (e.g. business cases for – DSM at feeder level; DSM at C&I level; behavioural demand response at consumer level; forecasting & scheduling from distributed/utility RE plants, etc.)

Blue Sky Thinking Track

We are looking for unconstrained, imaginative ideas for new business concepts that can help Discoms expand their revenue streams or get into new business lines.

Applicants will be asked to submit their blue-sky idea at the time of application. Of the selected 20, all will be encouraged (without it  being mandatory) to revise their ideas after the 4-week training program. The top 3 ideas will be selected as the Blue-Sky thinking track winners!

Who should apply?

Solutions Thinking Track

You need to be based in India, and either be:

  • A startup in the power sector
  • A group of professionals (pre-formed team) with understanding of the power sector
  • An individual with an understanding of the power sector – you will be asked to form a team with other individual applicants prior to start of program

Blue-Sky Thinking Track

Anyone can apply based anywhere in the world, for example:

  • A student, or a group of students (pre-formed team)
  • A professional, or a group of professionals (pre-formed team)
  • A startup who wants to work in the power sector

What’s in it

for you?


Understand the power sector, and how to work with Discoms, by learning direct from industry experts via a structured training program (delivered via weekly webinars).


Opportunity to network with a wide range of early stage startups and mentors


Throughout the program, there will be opportunities to meet with power sector & Discom professionals, and engage with them to work on a post-program pilot plan.


Solutions Thinking Track

One final winner will

  • Receive Press / media coverage
  • Have the opportunity to be featured on the ‘ElectronVibe India’ Solutions-track winners community on partner websites
  • Have the opportunity to engage with Discoms for a post-program pilot

Blue-Sky Thinking Track

The top Three winners will

  • Receive Press / media coverage
  • Have the opportunity to be featured on the ‘ElectronVibe India’ Blue-Sky thinking track winners community on partner websites
  • Have the opportunity to receive expert-reviews on their ideas



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Jury & Mentors


Dr. Pramod Deo – Ex-Chairman, MERC and CERC

Abhishek Ranjan – AVP (System Operation) & Head-Renewables & DSM, BSES Rajdhani Power Limited

Rich Sedano – CEO and President, Regulatory Assistance Project

David Moskovitz – Founder, Regulatory Assistance Project

Tim Buckley – Director Energy Finance Studies Australia/ South Asia, IEEFA

Vibhuti Garg – Energy Finance Analyst, IEEFA

Dr Rahul Walawalkar – President, IESA

Pratap Raju – Founding Partner, Climate Collective Foundation

Dr. Garrett Fitzgerald – India Power Sector Lead, Rocky Mountain Institute

Dr O P Agarwal – Chief Executive Officer, WRI India

Deepak Sriram Krishnan – Associate Director, Energy, WRI India


Abhishek Ranjan – AVP (System Operation) & Head-Renewables & DSM, BSES Rajdhani Power Limited

Nilesh Kane – Additional General Manager, Tata Power – DDL

Jitendra Nalwaya – Vice President, BSES Delhi

Sandhya Sundararagavan- Energy Transitions Lead, WRI

Dr. Rahul Walawalkar – President, IESA

Dr. Garrett Fitzgerald – India Power Sector Lead, Rocky Mountain Institute

Jagabanta Ningthoujam – Senior Associate, Rocky Mountain Institute

Abhishek Nath – Sector Head- Energy & Power,CSTEP

Dr. Mahesh Patankar – Senior Advisor & Interim India Program Director, Regulatory Assistance Project

Pratap Raju – Country Director-India, New Energy Nexus, and Founding Partner, Climate Collective

Floating Mentors:

Arijit Maitra – Principal, PA Legal

Rishu Garg – Research Scientist, CSTEP

Nalin Agarwal – Program Director-India, New Energy Nexus


Solutions Track

Drmz System Innovations Private Limited – Retrofit Smart energy meter (Electricity) : 6LoWPAN protocol based wireless communication module as low cost alternative for GPRS based Smart Energy meter

MOJO GREEN – Mobile, on-demand electric vehicle fast charging for fleets

Electric Fish – Plug&Play Microgids enabled with UltraFast EV chargers, deployed at Petrol pumps and at other public utility places (like Bus stops, Tourist businesses, and Malls.

ILAB-E Renewables Pvt Ltd – ADAPTIVE RESILIENT INTELLIGENT SMART CLUSTERING SYSTEM (ARISCS) based on 100% RENEWABLES with real time pricing options and tariffs for the stakeholders including customers,
end-users, utilities, discoms.

POWEReasy – Zero electrical fatalities enabled through monetary savings

TwinGrid Labs – Integrating data that exist in Silos to build Digital Twin for Power Distribution Sector

Drishya AI Labs – Enabling Utilities Generate Revenues from AI Enabled Smart Microgrids.

OrxaGrid – OrxaGrid makes data-science backed analytics and IoT sensors for smarter electricity grids

Intech Harness Pvt Ltd – PAtented, IoT Enabled, Farmer Obedient Pump Controller for Precision Farm Irrigation

Volar Alta – Volar Alta conducts drone-based inspections of power transmission lines and towers to identify defects and provide other actionable insights in a rapid, economical manner.

Fabrik – Fabrik is a smart assistant for field-technicians to reduce downtime and maintenance cost of field assets using digital twins.

Blue Sky Thinking Track

Weather Plant – To forecast the high temporal resolution weather data as per grid operation time on day ahead basis.

Harjit Singh – Energy Efficiency solutions for sustainable business in process and utilities.

Shivam Chaudhary – Implementation of Solar PV with Energy Storage at consumer level to maximize grid stability and minimize peak hour tariff rates.

Anirudh Kshemendranath – We aim to usher in a future where electric utilities become platforms for driving innovation and helping us meet our clean energy targets. We build robust modelling tools and decision frameworks to help utilities realize that future.

PotHoleRaja – PotHoleRaja a social venture started in 2016 fixing potholes using plastic waste, crumb rubber and cold asphalt.

Temperate Technologies – Temperate Technologies helps discoms build a new revenue stream by enabling them to provide cold water to commercial buildings for air conditioning.

Power Engineering -To utilise financial instruments for Energy Efficiency effectively, thereby triggering cost savings and creating new/improving existing revenue streams for Discoms/State Designated Agencies

SunEmison – AI powered toughened glass with artificial intelligence enabled embedded photovoltaic technology.

FLUOCAR – FLUOCAR – new nanomaterials for energy storage

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Program Team:

Lonava Tahreen – Program Manager

Sarah Nicholas – Social Media Communication Manager

Sachin Salunke – IT Lead/ Program Facilitator

Krishan Kumar Gupta – Program Coordinator

Dheer Patel – Program Facilitator


Mahesh Patankar (India Head, RAP)

Pratap Raju (Country Director India, New Energy Nexus)

Nalin Agarwal (Program Director India, New Energy Nexus)

How to Apply

Applications for 2020 are now closed

For further details, please look at the FAQs page. If you still have more queries, feel free to reach out to us at: [email protected]