ElectronVibe 2021 is on!

Power the Future of Electric Utilities

Are you ready to be part of the change for the next generation of Indian electricity distribution companies?

ElectronVibe is a business-case development competition to identify and showcase entrepreneurial and technological innovations by mature startups for Indian electric utilities, with refined solutions arrived at via a co-creation process, and ultimately leading to pilot projects

 New Energy Nexus invites startups to be part of a structured, intensive training program that will strengthen your chances of working and finding solutions to energy challenges with an Indian Discom!

We are supported by our knowledge partner, the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), who bring nearly 3 decades of experience crafting innovative regulatory solutions in the power sector.

ElectronVibe 2021

A Multi Track Program with Two types of Challenges

ElectronVibe #1 - Multi-Discom Focus

A challenge program for which we identify a common problem statement faced by multiple discoms, and then undertake an open call to select startups that have innovative solutions that address the problem statement

Examples of thrust areas around which problem statements would be created include enhanced safety (human + equipment); increased reliability; and, more efficient billing & recovery

ElectronVibe #2 - Single Discom Focus

A challenge program in which we work with a single discom to identify a specific problem statement that it faces, and then undertake an open call to select startups that have innovative solutions that address the problem statement

Problem Statements

The problem statements will be arrived at by taking a consultative approach via a series of roundtables where discoms along with other stakeholders in the power sector will participate.


Mature startups from India (and potentially, globally) would develop and submit business-cases based on their viable and scalable solutions, to address a number of key challenges such as (an illustrative and non-comprehensive list):

  • Grid modernization and integration of more renewable energy into the grid mix
  • Efficient forecasting of generation and scheduling of power
  • Decentralized power generation
  • Reducing AT&C losses, etc

What's in it for you?

Gain Domain Experience
Understand the power sector, and how to work with Discoms, by learning directly from industry experts via a structured training program (delivered via weekly webinars).

Opportunity to network with a wide range of early stage startups and mentors

Opportunity to Engage and Pilot
Throughout the program, there will be opportunities to meet with power sector & Discom professionals, and engage with them to work on a post-program pilot plan.

Who should apply?

Mature power sector startups based in India and abroad (but have the capacity to set up operations in India) can apply for this program.



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Program Team

Arvind Sastry
Senior Leader
Rishi Nair
Program Manager
Shriya Agarwal
Communications Manager
Sachin Salunke
IT Lead/Program Facilitator
Krishan Kumar Gupta
Program Coordinator

Support Team

Pratap Raju
Country Director India, New Energy Nexus
Nalin Agarwal
Program Director India, New Energy Nexus
Mahesh Patankar
MD, MPEnsystems | Consultant, RAP


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