Program Overview

A business-case development competition for which we identify a common problem statement faced by multiple Indian electric utilities, and then undertake an open call to select mature power sector startups that have innovative solutions that address the problem statement(s).

Problem Statement

The problem statement has be arrived at by taking a consultative approach via a series of discussions with Indian electric utilities along with other stakeholders in the power sector.

Problem Statement

Solutions to Improve Billing Efficiencies of Indian Electric Utilities

What is the Problem?

Many electric utilities in India are facing low billing efficiencies due to a multitude of factors including electricity theft, inaccurate data collection methods and hardware and processing etc. Low billing efficiency is also due to inaccurate customer data and management systems. Low billing efficiency leads to higher aggregate technical and commercial losses for the utilities, ultimately leading to higher costs for consumers.

A list of solutions we would be looking for relating to the problem statement are listed in the solutions tab on the right.


Mature power sector startups from India (and potentially, globally) would develop and submit business-cases based on their viable and scalable solutions, based on the problem statements, such as (an illustrative and non-comprehensive list):

  • Consumer profiling – for better detection of theft; to provide value-added services
  • Consumption data analytics – for energy benchmarking; optimization of resources (manpower, grid assets); to develop energy consumption trends and forecasting, etc
  • Meter reading solutions – for accurate energy consumption data collection; for optimization of resources (manpower); to minimize consumer complaints
  • Bill collection systems – for reliable, trusted payment systems suitable for different customer types
  • etc.

Who should apply?

This program is for mature power sector startups with developed solutions. Startups can either be based in India, or be incorporated in an overseas jurisdiction but have the capacity to set up operations in India.


  • Applications Open

    21st April, 2023
  • Applications Close

    2nd June, 2023
  • Selection of Program Participants

    26th June, 2023
  • Training Sessions

    End June – End August, 2023
  • Business Case Development

    July to End August, 2023
  • Submission of Business Cases

    End August, 2023
  • Announcement of Winners

    Early September, 2023